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The Knight of The Light

The Knight of The Light



Once there was a little boy
Who loved to fly his kite
But unlike other boys and girls
He'd fly his kite at night
He had a big dream for his kite
To reach up to the stars
Even though he realized
The stars were oh so far



Personal Goals:  To provide a positive influence and a powerful inspiration in the lives of children.  In the Kite boy, specifically,to discuss reaching for ones dreams, never giving up, over coming obstacles and negativity along the way.

A Description of the Book: The Kite Boy tells the story of a young child who had a dream that appeared so unbelievable to those around him that he was constantly having to over come obstacles and negativity in order to reach his dreams.  It is a lesson in believing in ones self, and gaining self-confidence and self esteem in the process.

Target Audience: 
Children of all ages 1 to 100
Children and young adolescents
To parents and grandparents as readers
Educators and religious leaders

Positioning Statement: To provide children with an entertaining and useful life instruction of goal setting and working for those goals in spite of the physical and mental obstacles that must be conquered. One reviewer suggested a style that resembles both Dr. Seuss and Shell
Silverstein. Like all of my Knight of the Light stories, the central message is to believe in the power and magic of one's dreams.  This message is conveyed not only in the story but also through the rhythm and the rhyme of its theme song from which the story was derived.

Books that Compete and Compare:
Jonathan Livinston Seagull by written by Richard Bach
The Dr. Seuss Books
The Carrot Seed written by Ruth Krauss

Why I wrote the book –
The background story:

Since I have always been a songwriter first the story actually came from a song rather than the reverse.  Conversely, the writing of the story motivated me to write an entire album of Kite Boy songs.  In effect the music is a powerful reinforcement for remembering the message of the story. While the concept initially derived from my own life experience I recognized the universality of life's challenges.  This story is a metaphor for the last seven years of my life as my initial dream seemed so ridiculously outlandish to everyone around me that many thought I was crazy.  My dream was to create an array of unique,
imaginative and interconnected books, toys, music and videos reminiscent of the early Walt Disney Classics.  The difference is that their products evolved from the success of their animated films and TV shows.  My concept is to provide the child with all of the experiential tools to understand and absorb the moral and ethical lessons being conveyed through the stories from the outset.  My hope
is to reach the child by appealing to all of the senses (sight, sound, touch)

My dream was to create my own entertainment company so that I could retain creative control.  With financial commitments having been achieved "after seven agonizing years of, "flying my kite," my dream is finally becoming a reality.  For seven years I was The Kite Boy learning the lessons and over coming seemingly insurmountable obstacles and I became the Knight of the Light, Sir Imagination,
acquiring the verse of the universe.