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The Knight of The Light

The Knight of The Light


Firstable I want you to know that I was very happy to get in touch with you. I was very impressed to wake up the next day: saturday after we have talked & I had no pain on my hip...this pain I've had for several years I believe it was due to a car accident. It is too much of a coincidence that after you chanted & said: " do have pain it is going to take 4 days.... it is painful & I could feel you feel my pain"...we talk & it dissapear. I hope you can still hepl others......Lots of Love Always from someone that cares about you and admires your patience & persistence.

Dear Peter
Peter, thank you for reaching into the soul of my father and sharing what was in his heart and allowing me to experience the feeling of closure with my heart. I will write more about the experience when the nearest free moment is with me. Will write more in detail. Thank you again - The Knight of the Light is remarkable !!!
Gary Edwins

Dear Knight of the Light


Thank you so much for your wonderful gifts.  You really gave me inspiration and hope of what is to come.  I know in my heart that there is no way that any normal man could guess what you told me last week.  I would like to tell my story to help people to understand just how amazing your gifts are.


My name is Bernadette and I live at a place called Hamilton Heights on Fern
Street in West Hartford Connecticut.   I was sitting at a dinner table in the cafeteria next to a table where Peter was sitting with his mom and another older couple.  I over heard him doing a reading for the older lady.  He connected with her son that died at 45 years old who was now in the spirit world.  I heard him telling her about a gift they had given him when he was a little boy, his favorite holiday, what he liked so much about that holiday and the fact that she had never taken her wedding band off her finger since the day she was married.  That lady’s name was Betty, and she was crying happy tears.


So after I spoke to Peter and all of a sudden he took this huge breath, one after another.  He held my hands in different ways and as he did he said he was healing my pain in my hands.  Then he told me my husband was there and wanted me to know how great it was in the spirit world and that this was all real.  He said that he would tell Peter where we had our honeymoon.  Peter asked me, “If I tell you where you had your honeymoon will you know, not just believe but will you know for sure how great the spirit world is and that it really truly exists?”  Of course I said, “Yes.”   So he went on to tell me in a very unique way where I had my honeymoon.  There is no way he could guess this because it was not one place but two and both are places that no one would go on their honeymoon.


He told me, you went to a real hot spot, Florida, but it was not Florida.  You went to Alaska, but it wasn’t Alaska.  This was a hot spot because it was a hot place where you always wanted to go.  It was near the Rangeley Lakes where Peter and his brother went to camp in Maryland but it was not Maryland.  Then he said I went to Pennsylvania and then to Washington D.C. and that I saw where President Kennedy was berried, and then said no Kennedy was still alive but you went to the Lincoln monument.


Now if anyone thinks that out of all the places in the world someone could guess my honeymoon was in Pennsylvania and Washington D.C. then you really have to look up the word logical and illogical. 


Peter healed the pain in my hands in about 20 minutes and told me where I had my honey moon from contacting my husbands spirit.  This was an amazing experience that I will hold onto forever.  Thank you Peter you are a true knight of the light in every sense of those words. 


Dear Peter


I am writing this because I experienced you giving a reading to Bernadette at Hamilton Heights.  I work there as a waitress, and I watched and listened in sheer amazement as you healed Bernadette’s hands and told her where she had her honeymoon.   You asked if I would write a letter for your website and I told you of course I would.  I have never experienced anything like that.  I have heard of people doing this, but your gifts left me knowing that you truly have an amazing contact with God and the spirit world, and now I have a new sense of faith.  I just don’t believe, I know!   Thank you! 


Dear Peter


I have not stopped thinking about my experience with you, you truly have an amazing gift.  You asked me to write a letter and although this was a very personal experience I feel it’s the least I can do to show my appreciation. 


For those of you reading this.  My name is Betty and I stay at Hamilton Heights in West Hartford Connecticut with my husband.  We sit with Peter’s mom at the same dinner table.  Last week Peter sat with us and his mom mentioned that Peter spoke to her son in the spirit world and told us about an amazing experience where Peter named what his older brother use to do at half time during N.Y. Giant games and he also told her and her husband a present that his grandfather had given to him before Peter was even born.  Peter told his mom and dad that his grandfather gave him a baseball signed by Mickey Mantel and told them the year that was signed on the baseball.  I then told Peter that my son had also died at the young age of 45 of cancer and that he was a doctor.  Peter asked me the name of my son.  The second I said his name, Peter started taking these very deep breaths he called prana.  Then he told me a toy my husband and I gave him when he was very young, he favorite holiday, what he loved about that holiday etc.  He also told me that I had never taken my wedding band off since we were married. 


This was a true miracle for me and now I look forward to the spirit world with out a once of fear.  Because now I know for sure there is something more.  Thank you Peter, you have an amazing gift!


Dear Peter


You shocked me the other night and you asked if I would write what happened.  You were visting your sister in Connecticut and she called me up and asked me if I would come over and my brother would tell me where I am in pain and maybe he can heal you.   So I came right over.  You place your hands all over different parts of my body.  When you hit the parts of my back where I am tremendously soar you started doing this very deep breathing.  The part that hurt the most the breaths were the deepest and loudest.  It was amazing, how could anyone do this?


Then you started telling a story about how I got rear-ended and you starting flipping around on the floor and said I was flipping over and over.  Then you made the sound of an ambulance and a heart machine.   You told me that was how I really hurt my back originally.  You told me that my back problem was not from picking up my daughter that was just the straw that broke the camels back so to speak.  But that this problem stemmed from this car accident that I had when I was 20 years old.  I had never told your sister or brother in law about this accident so I know you just have amazing gifts.  I look forward to working with you and I feel if you could tell me this, then it is possible that you can heal me with the power of the light if I have faith.


Thank you this experience has changed the way I look at life.