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The Knight of The Light

The Knight of The Light




"The Planet's Vital Cure"


S stands for spirit
M stands for morals
I stands for imagination
T stands for truth
H stands for Heart
E stands for endure

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All we really need is SMITHE
The planets vital cure
Will make the planet pure
So lets all live by SMITHE

S stands for spirit
That’s your will to succeed
Your desire and your passion is your spirit that we all need

M stands for morals
That should be positive for sure
If we think with our hearts that will keep us all pure

All you really need is SMITHE
We all must struggle in our life
We learn and grow and use our SMITHE
For success this is the key
If you want to be the best
SMITHES the key to your success
If you want to stand upon the crest
SMITHES the key to your success

I stands  for imagination
To be creative with your mind
To find a better way
To help mankind

T stands for truth
You must have GOD in your heart
You must keep the faith from the very start
All you really need is SMITHE
We all must struggle in our life
We learn and grow and use our SMITHE
For success this is the key
If you want to be the best
SMITHES the key to your success
If you want to stand upon the crest
SMITHES the key to your success
H stands for Heart
Which should be pumping with love
For the earth and it’s people and never prejudge
E is for endure
The pain and the sorrow
Keep on fighting don’t give up
There is a better tomorrow

All you really need is SMITHE
We all must struggle in our life
We learn and grow and use our SMITHE
For success this is the key
If you want to be the best
SMITHE’S’ s the key to your success
If you want to stand upon the crest
SMITHE’S the key to your success

SMITHE is the Knight of the Light's overall message in everything I do...We humans have been here for thousands of years and lived LIFE...and look what we have done to ourselves and to the planet.  There is no harmony among people; there is no harmony with Mother Earth.  Both are on the brink of destruction unless there is a massive positive, spiritual, enlightening all around the world.


There's only one way to accomplish this. Man can no longer come to this planet and live LIFE; LIFE has not worked out.  The game of LIFE by Milton Bradley has to be changed to The Game Of SMITHE.  It's time to live by SMITHE.   For the children of the future, we accomplish this through the Sillysaurs Solutions, which the philosophy of SMITHE, and of which  the SMITHE characters are a huge part of.   For the older children of the planet, there are the Knight of the Light Book Series, Audio Books, and Inspiration Song CD's.  This is not a sales pitch to sell a product line; it's a sales pitch to save our planet and ourselves. The Knight plans to use the majority of the profits to help accomplish the SMIHES mission.


The Knight was given his amazing spiritual gifts to help give credence to all that has been channeled to him, for the knight did not write any of this product line.  All of it has been channeled and angelically interwoven by the Light over the last eight years to the knight of the Light.



To help children understand SMITHE, I created the SMITHE characters--divine dogs that rule Dreamland (the spirit world). They're spirit teachers for children. Each SMITHE speaks with a different accent depending on which country it is from. For example, the English sheep dog has an English accent, the French Briard has a French accent, the Russian Wolf Hound has a Russian accent, the Irish Setter has an Irish accent, etc. This shows that just because we all talk and look different, it does not matter. We all come from the same spirit. Why did I pick dogs?  Dog spelled backwards is God. God made dogs so man can see how he is supposed to be. Who's more loving, loyal, faithful and angelic than a dog? The following song "The Dog" is sung by the SMITHE'S when children ask why did God make our spirit guides dogs.



There's no one on the planet more faithful,

More faithful than a dog

They will guide you, right beside you, through life's thickest fog

They are always there for you

Their heart, their kiss, their paw

They have a code of ethics without a single flaw

No matter how you feel

They'll treat you just the same

They'll lose a leg for you still loving through all the pain

There is no one on the planet, more loyal

More loyal than a dog

No one rather be with you

Over mountains, desert, or bog

They'd rather be there with you

Than on a pillow by a fire

Their love grows stronger everyday

So pure it never tires

Their shining, loving eyes

Seem to always understand

When no one else is there for you,

Whose there to lick your hand?

There is no one on the planet Earth, more loving

More loving than a dog

Only matched by one, and that's the love of God

Is there any heart more grateful for the little things we do?

Even when you scold them

They're still there loving you

Your voice, your smell, your foot steps

All music to their ears

Always right by your side through the blood and sweat and tears

Is there anyone on the planet more angelic?

More angelic than a dog

Think, consider every epilogue

Dogs can teach us so many lessons

That God wants us to learn

Whatever love we give them

They triple in return

This is how the light is

How God wants us to be

Maybe that's why he made dogs

No better example for us to see

There's no one on the planet more faithful

More loyal, more loving, more angelic



The SMITHE'S are disappointed with the humans on Earth who are making decisions, not with their hearts, but with their minds.  Because of this, the humans are spreading messages of hate, jealousy and greed.  To help correct this problem, the SMITHEs have chosen this special group of dinosaurs (the Sillysaurs) to return to Earth.  The SMITHEs know that through the escapades of the Sillysaurs, children on Earth will begin to start thinking with their hearts.


For me to really understand SMITHE, I had to struggle and sacrifice for seven years filled with tears, fears, struggle, doubt, faith, hope, despair, hopelessness, depression and fatigue.  At one point I asked the Light to take me away from here, bring me to the spirit world and let me watch my dream come true from there.   I leaned about the Love and the Light and the Way.  I leaned the Verse of the Universe. Without the difficult times, I would not be the person I am today.   I would not have the wisdom and the understanding of why we are here, what we are doing here, and the reasons for our journey on this planet.  I learned when climbing the Mountain of Life that the lower we fall, the farther we can see; and, conversely, the higher we climb, the farther we can see.  I would not have been able to create what I have now created without the experiences of these last years.  I would not be the Knight Of The Light, Sir Imagination.

The Knight of The Light's Message is SMITHE

Man has come to thisplanet for year and years
And lived LIFE
And now mother earth is having its ultimate fight for her life
Her ultimate strife
She coughs up earthquakes
Her tummy aches from her polluted lakes
Her inner pain is hurricanes
She's blind from the smog
Her sight a mere fog
And now we have pretty mush destroyed the planet
And there's only one answer
Just look everywhere
Look what mans done with ego and fear
The spear of destruction
Turning away from the hearts instructions
Creating war
And man wanting more and more and more
Not caring about the poor
Only how he can get more and more
He's in his head of dread and dead
That lead him down the wrong path
  The path of math and math
Not to mention wrath
When they take their bath in the spirit world
Where all the truth will unfurl
So how can a man be dear there?
How can he be cleared there?
How can he not have fear?
When he stares the light in his eyes
Knowing the light knows every little lie
Every cry he caused
Every life he lost
Every dime he made that cost heart ache
That he did not forsake
The bottom line a man who lives like this does not have faith
As mother earth cry tears of Acid rain
From insane decisions man has made with the brain
Man is to blame
For his own pain
The his mother pain
He abused the Lights free will
Instead of planting new flowers a top the hills
He cared more about his bills
Instead of keeping mother earth perfect
He destroyed her surface
For his own selfish material purpose
He created despair everywhere
we have pretty much killed our mom
With the drain of the brain
We've all but put out her flame
We've played the game of life wrong
If we don't make drastic change now
 our world won't last long
And now we must play the game of SMITHE
To save the Planets life

So this is why the Knight of the Light
 Has been given so many gifts
So this planet can shift
He's channel books and songs and toys and games
Stories and movies all new unique ideas from the Light they came
All things the public wants to hear
How to conquer all fear
How to empower ourselves
So we wont get lost on the bottom shelve
All the product guide children how to flow in the heart
For the planets brand new start
But all with fun like no one has ever done before
So the planet and all its children can soar
He channelled the book series the Knight of the Light
To guide the planets adults to do what is right
He's been given the ultimate gifts of healing
With feelings
A channel to the light of lights
All so he can win his fight of SMITHE
All these gifts will attract attention
So around the world all will mention
This great intention