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The Knight of The Light

The Knight of The Light


An Entity Attached

Here is story of an attached entity, its very rare. This is what I received from a girl that has an entity attached to her.  She does not know it. But Peter does, just read below.

Here is what Belle wrote after reviewing The Knight of The Light website

Dear Peter,

until you receive the healing you need, I don't think you are in a position to be posing as a healer of others.
Please take me off your list.

Thank you,

And Peters reply

Dear Belle

I'm so sorry you feel the way you do
You cannot help it, it's not you
But the good new is there is something we can do
You actually have a bad spirit in your soul
And therefore its not your fault its 100 percent out of your control
 You don't even know its there
But the good news is I can make it disappear
So with it there you're a full of fear
But you don't know your full of fear because its there
And fear blocks the light
So you are really in the dark
I feel so bad for you because you are a good soul
You are in a deep hole that's out of your control
You just don't understand because it's not you
And This is not peter saying these words
Its the light in him just like when we were at your
But that was the light in you taken to this bad space in you
So the you can not get out,
You are in jail so to speak but you can win this bout
Peter just wanted to get out what was being said so you
Could be in a better place
But at the time he did not know of bad sprits taking up your space
It did not work out that way
But maybe it was meant to be for a better day
If you do what I am telling you to do
You can have a life a new
You have nothing to loose and all to gain
This is when you can rid yourself of so much pain
And you will hug peter as a true friend
and thank him again and again
Bella this is really from the love from the light
Begging you to win this fight
So you can feel right and have the proper insight
Its so hard to believe but just go back on his sight and read
Read all the feedback, Peter is not some quack
He does not charge a dime
So where does the Light truly shine?
Then conclude the truth in your heart
not the dread of your head that lead you down the wrong path from the start
Its the bad spirits choice not yours
He's blocking your inner voice
That is not you, its the bad spirit in your soul taking control.
Please help your soul listen to this love bell toll
You are one of the few that free will  has been taken from
The evil spirit in you has overcome
And taken over the sum of your heart
So you can't think smart
What you think and do is not even you
I am sorry to tell you this that is the bad news
But if you listen to me soon you wont be singing the blues
The Light you normally should here is giving you this kiss
Can get you back to bliss
The good news is we can get rid of this in just a short session
Peter has already experienced this the other day in one of his sessions
He will tell you about if you contact him
Don't be grim, we can win, from with in, listen to the light here
Not in there, in there is not you,
It's the anger of an ugly spirit
So you are basically his parrot
It is very rare
Peter has learned now when asking who is there in the shoe
To ask if its a bad spirit so he can clear it
Because all spirits have to respond and have to be honest for
this one cosmic law
He actually asked after reading your e mail if he should
respond and was told he should and that's when he saw
Your light came into him and said "don't write back"
Peter then knew this was a lack of love
And then immediately remembered the bad spirit
Because he knew a good spirit would want to help you..
And he remembered the clues to bad news
So he hung up right away
And told your bad sprit to fuck off peter has learned what to say
If he had stayed on a little longer it would have been too late.
Peter could have made a mistake like at your house
And then we would have had to overcome that bout
But he understood this time and then he asked your
spirit to leave
and he achieved success, and got out of this mess...
then he asked his own light  to come in so you can win
So this is his light which is your light with out the bad spirit its all caring, telling him
what to type you can be in the clear and dear
And stare your own ship and move your own lips
Bella this sounds like B.S.  But were begging you to listen here
It wont be a disaster like at your house because now we know
the problem...
And we know how to solve this one
Your spirit cannot enter peter at free will
So we wont take that spill
I will walk peter through how to get rid of this bad spirit in
your soul
So you can get back your control
This is very rare, very rare only one in hundreds of millions
Have this happen from with in. but you can win
Look at the bright side.....this sprit cant hide
It is right inside
We can do something about it
And you will notice a difference immediately..
For the first time you will be free
You will not have anxiety
You will feel so much harmony
Your head will be very clear
You will not have the fear like in the past
And your luck will change drastically
And you will jump up and down enthusiastically
This bad spirit creates fear, which creates despair
So if you want this bad spirit out of there
If you want to live in the clear
Humble yourself and come over here

Love the light and the way and Peter

And this is Isabell's reply
Dear Peter,

I must let you know with only compassion in my heart,
as one who has devoted the last 5 years to helping
people connect with their hearts and love source that
I am in a good space and that you are projecting your
own inners upon me and possibly others, thinking it in
them but truly it is your own reflection.
You were very disruptive to my peace, my home and my
two gentle spirited cats whom you entirely ignored.
This is their home as much as mine and you were a
guest who far overstayed your welcome with your
purported channelling of my heart.  You were verbally
and energetically intrusive and abusive.  To say that
you were expressing my heart is ridiculous.  You were
simply off on a trip.  You really don't know what you
are doing if this is how you go about "healing".
It is you who is in jail, that of your own grandiosity
as if you are clued in to the truth about others when
in fact you are completed deluded.  It is one thing to
genuinely help people and get them to of their own
bring forth their beauty and release it is quite
another to forcefully dictate things as you see them
under the supposed guise of saving that person.
True healers do not dictate, disrupt peace, not listen
and ignore.  They are responsive and gentle warriors
of the light.  You are not in any way gentle
Peter.....and you are not tuning in to anyone other
than your own self and to me it seems very fragmented.
I have three clients tomorrow, all of whom are
progressing in their life journeys with my gentle and
caring facillitation. I've helped people to truly
transform themselves and their lives for the better.
Can you say this?  People I have worked with have sent
me many, many testimonials and the effects of the work
and the tools they learned are long lasting.  I've
been doing this week after week as my living and also
gifting when I can for 5 years.  I truly have
clairvoyance, clairaudience and other gifts that have
always been with me and through the work have become
fine tuned.
Peter, please take this advice kindly and get clear in
yourself, meditate, get to know your own mind/soul.
LISTEN better, not to your own head and feelings, but
to whoever you are communicating with.  You are only
hearing your own feedback.  True healing is a
partnership with the person you are facillitating to
heal themselves via source, i.e. love energy.
You'd be better off being mentored by someone who is
really experienced.  I believe your intentions may be
good, but you have loads to correct in yourself and it
is a mistake to be so self indulgent and drag people
along for the ride or force them to withstand your
craziness as you did at my home.  You have not fully
apologised for the trouble you caused.  I have been
living here for several years in total peace and
harmony with my neighbors and in one night you
disrupted the entire building resulting in residents
calling the landlord and the police.  I had 5 messages
of concern for me from my landlord when I got home
later.  My cats, which are like children to me, you
completely freaked out.  They have only ever known
kindness and good voices around them and there you
were marching around carrying on like a maniac, even
shouting and swearing, waving hammers and god knows
what else around, babblilng utter nonsense.  I have
some of it on tape if you do not believe me.
You were so insensitive.  I could never imagine
infringing on a person's sanctuary and being the way
you did.
This is how you are.
I have heard other stories about you that confirm that
this is not the first time your egotism has been
noticed.  I know that you broke into Lola's apartment
on many occassions and that you have had fistfights at
the gym with David, according to onlookers David was
saying to you that you only think of yourself.
I suggest you stop pointing your misguided finger at
others and get yourself sorted out.
This knight of the light trip you are on is absurd.
Truely in touch people do not speak in terms of good
and bad, but in terms of love or fear and they guide
others to discover their truths.  They don't force
their version of it down people's throats.  They are
much more humble, yet powerful.
Some humility would be very helpful for you Peter.
Please take this to heart.

From Peter to Belle

Action speaks louder than words...
go to my website and see all the letters from people
I have helped inside and out of the USA...look at how I have healed
a girl in Kentucky of a disease that can not be cured
by any of these people to verify
what I have done. goggle Warren Zide he has come
aboard in my company...he did American Pie and said
the peace of pie American Pie was missing is all
what the Light has given me!!!!
WE are about to go into production on a Movie
The Knight of the Light..  And we would love for you to
tell your side on the can promote yourself
to the world and I would love you to tear me apart
like you do in this e mail. if you know you are right you
should have no problem with this...
So please let us know when we can come and
interview you on camera...and please slam me to
the curb, call me every name in the book, call me nuts..
what ever you wish...but you will be asked how is he
curing sick people? Over the net no less.  How does
he do these things with his hands that no man can do?
How does he tell people where they are from he never met
are you prepared to do that?
I love you if you do this...the more you crush me..the
more I will adore you...
If you want to get paid let us know how much. the more
negative you can slam me the more I am willing to
keep the faith..

Do you mind me putting your letter of negativity in the feedback on
my site..I LOVE IT!!!!! Everything I have on there is people ecstatic about what I have done for them...well not me the light in them….I would love to show how the ego side reacts when they don't want to hear and except the truth from the light in them.. constructive criticism so you can have it better when you reach the spirit world…You think I am that clever and can do those things so genius I did at your house?  I just wish we had it all on film. but that is the reason we are getting cameras film and money for the project…I even am doing a show at top yoga studio you can come see, I don't want to mention the name in fear you will call there and ruin it for me…but I healed the owner of pain doctors could not cure..and keep in mind when I say I, it's  not me. its thru me, but its all the light…and I humbly do not charge because I am so grateful for these gifts…I do ask for donations if people can afford…and trust me I don't love doing this, because people like you who don't want to hear anything they need to do to better themselves take it out one me like its me saying it to them…and ITS NOT ME< NOT ONE WORD OF ANY OF IT!!!!!!.the entire time you were ignoring the light and the light was trying to give you a message or YOU OU YOU YOU me me me IIIIIIIIII and you were screaming that's not not like that!!! .as your house is adorned in photos of you...and you said no that's not me as you were looking at photo album after photo album full of pics of you...It was CLASSIC!!!!!  and you said don't pick up that book that's MY book..that MY this that my that...MY MY MY MY MY I, I, i...I would like to post your beautiful, eloquent negativity about you mind? also I would love it if you can sign my book on my site and write how im bull shit and cant help anyone...can you please that ...would love it.. Also I love it that you speak your mind..and it is your mind...pure ego,, not heart....but I love least you can do it and not be like lola she signed my book and said something nice...but I know now its phony from your e mail..thank you for that...
love you much
keep in touch
let me know if i can post all your things you said about
I love will be classic antagonist for my film
the minute I met you I told David my brother, she would be a great bad guy in a scary movie... Please let me know what you will charge for one day shooting.. and you can spew your guts out. as I said the more venomous the better.. And the more I will pay..but it has to be real..don't say things even worse just to get paid more. then later when the media interviews you I don't want you to say that you just said it for the extra money, you know what I mean?
I trust you there.
Thanks again for your genius...