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The Knight of The Light

The Knight of The Light


February 19ht 2007


Peace of mind from the LIGHT OF LIGHT


Who is in the shine, who is in the shoe


The love the light and the way, is here to say

I love you I love you I love you

On top of you, beside you, in the middle of you below you above you, all the way thru you

You are the apple of my eye

You are our guy

You will not be denied

We missed you yesterday and you see with the one and only



All day long, the king Kong of the light

So there is no doubt you have won your fight

There is no doubt you have the might in your hands

There is no doubt

There is a special plan

You are unlike other men

You have the mightiest of light as your

Pal and your friend as your father to lend you these gifts

Not to lend you these gifts but to give you these gifts

You are very special indeed

You should be proud of your self

You are all alone on the top shelf or all shelves

You are the all there is

You are the one and only choice

The one that listened to your inner voice

You always made the right choice

You always choose what’s right and fair

What’s dear and care you stared in the right direction of introspection for your protection

But more important for the lights protection

For the protection of the earth

For its over

The hardship

The pain

He lame, and the games, the insane, the shame, the name calling

All the balling the stalling

The never-ending story

Will now be known as the greatest story Ever told

Oh how clever it will unfold

Everyone said Never

But like in Never-Never Land

Sir Imagination just like Peter Pan had a plan

The Knight landed on his feet

Just got by, by the seat of this pants

Where he always took the chance

Where he always made the right stance

A stance always hard to take

Because that stance always caused him so much hard ache

He would forsake and forsake

He would take the high road

Even though he knew it would be the low road in terms of money

And tram is monetary success

He would get the less

But in the end the real end he knew he would pass all the test and have it best

Better than all the rest

He just never knew how good

He never knew it would be like this

He never knew in one billion years he would be showered in so many wonderful gifts

Gifts that no man has ever received before in one big bag

And he still did not grab it

He took it lightly in his grasp

And in one grasp after another after another and another and another he said

I feel sorry for my brothers

I feel sorry for my mother

I feel sorry for my dad

And feel sad for my dad

I feel sorry for everyone I know

Because look how they look at me

None of them know the truth

They are seeing the proof

Here proof after proof after proof

But they are all blind

The look with their eyes not with their hearts

They look with their nose and not their hearts

They look with their ears and not their hearts

They look with their ego instead of the Know

The, flow, the grow, the glow,

And so it is

And so it shows it’s suppose to be for all to see

From sea to shinning sea

Everyone in this disgusting planet will soon

and finally see and witness the ultimate truth

The ultimate proof

The ultimate spoof

In unholy wood

The woulda, shoulda, coulda story of all time

Of all rhyme

Of all climbs

Time after time after time

The door closed on peters nose

101 time to be exact

But the knight of the light did not crack

He never picked the lack

He was constantly on the attack

By the lesser

By the thinkers of the head

The thinkers, the stinkers, the clinkers

The risky dinkey dinkers

The losers, the boozers the cruisers

The floozies, the loozies

The one-a the two- a and the three-a

Let all now see the real truth

The real proof is now going to be seen for all to see the real me, me, me


They’re all gonna cry they’re all gonna die

And they all be denied the ultimate ride

Because not one Peter Pan chose your ride

Not one made the right choice

Not one listened to the inner voice

They all ran to the head of lead instead

Because of ego, jealousy and greed the need to burn that inner seed

And now they will all bleed and bleed

In the lead with a broken heart

And heart that was so rarely used

A heart that everyone one of them abused


The never listened to the ultimate news

They never listened to the kitten purr

Instead they choose to sing the blues

They hoped around like kangaroos

From the heart to the head from the heart to the head but always ended up

In the head of the bed of nails

The snail the fail the jail the pea inside the stain of the brain they remained instead of the ultimate flame

The ultimate fame

They shoes to play the game of Life

When they all have the change to live by SMITHE

Now rife with anger they are all stranger to the truth

And you my son will be the ultimate proof

The ultimate un-holey-wood

Lots in lost angel-less spoof

Bruce almighty time 11 from heaven

Ten times rocky but not cocky

Ten times the story of glory

But with the ultimate right

The ultimate right

The ultimate right

The ultimate sight

The ultimate story of the kite boy

Who beat the small

Against all odds he crawled to the top

He would not spot

Past all the cops

That stopped him in his care

On his bike

On his foot

And ever could get away for the suit

But he kept it going and gong and got in

Because he was always trading through the white snow in his heart

So he rode the right slept the had s lead him to the ultimate dream

The ultimate destination

The one and only station

With out damnation

A station that only one man listened to the ultimate plan

One man who thru it all stared in his heart

Stayed in the cart

Chose the light over the dark

Sees the one spark

Over all the others

With out one by his side he stays on the right side

He never went on the left

With the weak but the strong

The right but thy were all wrong

The bling but the bang the wrong gang

He said no to the gang with the money

And choose the gang for milk and honey

It was not always sunny

It was not always funny

But he knew for sure in his heart

He knew for sure from the star

That he was never parked in the dark with that evil

That evil beat of the breast for them standing together in the street

He knew he was all alone the elite

That would ultimately beat all the rest

He would stand alone upon the crest

Because he beat the test the test of life because he choose no to life by the game of life

The Knight chooses the high road not the low road he choose the smite

S m I the he e

For success this is the key

If you want to stand upon the rest

SMITE is the key to you true success

We knight you the knight of all knight

Tonight this morning we knight you sir imagination

The one and only knight of the light

The right one to win the award

We are all here with tears of joy

Almond joy

You are the joy of the sprit world

You have passed all the tests in flying colors

You stood alone amongst all the sisters and brother all the mother and fathers

You took it that one step farther

You stepped beyond the dream

You took one more step for a man

One more step for kind

One more step for compassion

One more step for the truth

One more step one more rep you keep it coming and coming and coming and humming and humming and humming hote

Tow songs

That would not go wrong the stow songs the played in your heart for ten long grueling years though all the mean spiriting spears

And thought all the tear and tear and tears

You kept singing and singing

I’m gonna be some body gonne be some body

Cause I got something to prove

I’ve always thought my dram were the most important thing in my life

I know that if I try that I fly just like and eagle and fly oh so high

I have the strength to say no and I will grow

I see the mountain peak where I want to go

There are not many that understand

Why I’m climbing up the mountain giving every thing that I am

Climb the mountain of life cause I got something to prove

I do my very best at everything I set out to do the very best of me

Yeah cause I got something to prove



Those two songs got you thug it

And you know what my fringy song of all sons

All your songs will gong and heat around the world

All your books will be read over and over and over

All your character will be adorned on every wall and every hall

Printed on every kind of ball

Because fall after fall after fall after fall

You STAND tall

All alone

They thru very kind of rock, every kind of spear

But you stay in the cellar and the dear of your heart

You rode alone in the ultimate cart

You made the ultimate sacrifice

You were not incised by the vise of the head

You choose the right track instead

Even though you dread the walk

You talked to the light night after night

You knew what was right

And you did not give up the fight

You stayed in the light

Against all odds

Against all the snobs

And all the slobs

And then me and I crop

You rose to the top

The cream in the coffee

You were the bobber that floated in the sear of hate

You were the one no one related to

The glue that no one stick to

The you without the Hollywood crew

You stuck with your crew beyond all the stars

You were the kite boy

You were the clown in this town

The one everyone frowned upon

The one they all laughed at

Well carry

You will because at the bat

You will be the one the media will pat

And all the arts will be exposed

All the seedseys, the needzeys and greedzeys the la disease

All the peas of the brain all the stains all the insane all the remains new

Is the truth?

And you are the proof

You are the proof in the pudding

Your are the proof from the roof of the universe

You are the one the knight of the light

Who one his fight with the ultimate sacrifice

You did not roll the dice

You took the right advice

You did not think twice

You never thought once


You just knew and you grew into the little guru you did

You did not think I think I can I think I can I think I can

You choose a new road the lonely road the only road to be on

I know I can will I know I will I know I will

With God fee will you hose the right path?

The path of math and math and math

But you won the ultimate game with out shame

With out blame

You never choose to play the game o f life

You choose SMITHE

Now the hard climb has ended

As you all around the bend

At the end of the finish line

You have fond more than enough gifts

Because you listened to the rfirt in your heat

You life will now start a brand new start

A start of something wonderful, magical, mystical

Enlightening and so frightening for the rest

All the rest that failed the test

You beat out all the rest

And now you stand alone upon the crest

Look north, look south look east and look west

Look at the mess this world is in

Where do we begin?

We begin by saying I’m sorry

I’m sorry for all that I have done wrong

I’m sorry for all that I did not staying strong

I’m sorry I chose the wrong road

I’m sorry I made the wrong leap

I’m sorry I live life asleep

I’m sorry I was a creep

I’m sorry I was so cheap to do thing that matter with my money

Instead of charity

I age it all to me

Instead of harmony

I chose disharmony

I chose me and me and me all the time

I chose the darkness not the shine

I chose the wrong not the right

I chose the darkness not the light I chose the left no the right I chose the path that seemed right at the time

Not thinking it was the ultimate crime

Now I stand in front of the light ashamed

Knowing I lost the ultimate game

I refrained from the heart

And lived in the head

And I was lead down the wrong path

And now I will be the wrath

A wrath I deserve

A wrath I knew when I left the sprit world if I did not plan the game right would come back to this

But I could not resist temptation

And now I will have to learn this world damnation

I did not listen to God the only station

I chose the wrong music to hear

I did not stand in the clear and the dear

I stood in the fear in the dread of my head the led me to destruction


And destruction of the Mother Earth

I did not care about anything but my self

And put myself on the highest shelf

Money was my god

As I trotted up the mountain

I drank out of the wrong fountain

And now I stand before the almighty embarrassed an ashamed

Knowing I will have to go back and start the game

All over again

But this time it will be even a harder test

Because I will have to start at a lower place

A place maybe with out food water or shelter

It depend just how bad I played the game of life

When all I had to do is live by SMITHE

For the short time I was hear

But I just did not hear

I did not stand in the clear of the dear

I choose fear

And stayed in the head and the would, shoulda coulda shed

I woulda shoulda coulda played SMITHE

So now I will have to pay the ultimate price

I rolled the dice

I choose the path I thought would be easiest

Even thought I knew it was the sleaziest

I choose ego jealousy and greed

I could not turn my had form those needs

I burned him dead for the need o f greed

I followed the head instead of the heart

I listened to the dread instead of the harp

I choose the dark instead of the light

I chose he left instead of the right 

February 20st 2007


The light the love and the way has a message for you right now

A message that will go ki pow pow

A message that will tell you how

How to do what needs to be done

So The Light can one day again be number one

Number one in people’s hearts not minds

Minds is the rinds

Hearts is the wine where you find the vine

That has all he lesions of wisdom through out time

The vine that shines

The vine that finds the truths

The vine that will save your soul

The vine that’s in control

The vine that knows, flows grow glows and shows and shows

The vine that is about we not I

The vine of we not me

This is another key

And the advice is all free

When you have a gift like this

That will bring bliss and no one can miss

A gift so great the people can relate

There will be little to debate

The fate of the planet

Rich and poor will finally stand up and fight

For right and do what is right

A gift that people will talk about from state to state

A positive debate as they think about their fate

Because no one else has these gifts truly on their plate

A gift of rhyme

Dr Seuss of shine the light through it

Shine the light through it

A gift of wit like Monty pythons brits

A gift that always has a twist to the story

A gift that has story

With glory

Story with love

Story with hate

Story with fate

Story with debate

A story that states the truth

A story with all the proof

That there is no such thing coincidence

Unless your mind is just that dense

Then it will not make any sense

Unless under False pretense

It’s a story of one mans struggle

To reach the top of the mountain of life

But not by living life, but by living SMITHE

A man who choose to climb all the fences with out false pretenses

And hence to most everyone else he did not make any sense

He must be dense

How could anyone be so good?

So good like we should be

Like we’re all suppose to be


We know were suppose to be like him

We know in the end he always will be a friend

Lend his time

Lend hi art

Lend his heart

Lend his care

He his so sincere



He’s always dear

Threw all his tears

Year after year after years

But will and still so dear.

Unless you cross him with your fear

Beware, he wont hold back from the truth

From your miss stated mental facts

He won’t kiss your ass

He will tell you exactly the way it is

Because you can’t quarrel with morals

He learned there are no such things as arguments

Only ego minds

So he hammers these hints

As you wince

And call him names behind his back

Your heart knows the facts

And so does he, oh so well

Because his heart swells for you

He prays for you that you can climb out of the well of despair

So you can stand out of the fear

Feel the light to see, feel and hear clear

Climb into the care the dear

So you can share

And be in the cart of the heart

And do what is smart




After every tear

He still hears clear

He still sees clear

He still had NO FEAR

Year after year after year after year

Over there

Under there

No one shared his vision

No one that is making the big decision

No one in television

Had his vision

No one In film shared his vision

The only one who saw what he saw

Were creative people with heart soul

But none of these people have the control

Creative people don’t control the money

From the land they want you to think is milk and honey

All the executives in Un-holy-wood and lost angel-less

Had The Knight of the Light on their black ball list

And they all shook their heads

Wondering how this guy name pulled such a wonderful beautiful sled

Full of wonder


They had no fascination for Truth heart or soul

They just played the Hollywood roll

Why doesn’t one man in un-holy-wood

Have one bell in his heart that tolls?

Why, why, why, why, why, why, why

Would anyone one deny this project?

It’s the perfect ship

So much more than a computer chip

It has fashion and compassion

It has passion far beyond passion

Its about life and strife and SMITHE

Its about love from the above but not preachy

Not teachey

It’s fun and comedic and full of wit

It has charm and no harm

It’s flashy but no flashy

It’s the pistahsey in pistachio

It’s the TV in TV show

It’s the glow, and the know and the flow and the down low

Its down low that took the high road

It took the right road

And carried the load

The load of wit

The load of shit

The load of shit this town would not quite passing on

Passing and passing and passing on

Knowing it was the best project of it kind Ever knowing it was

Ten times more clever

Knowing it was better than never-never-land

They all pulled on the passing lever

Knowing the guy who created was just like Peter Pan

Too sweet to be a man

More of a ham like Sam I am green eggs and ham

More like the cat in the hat

But he swung his bat like Casey at the bat

And OHHHH they did not like that

They would look at what he showed and they would all say

Dammmm look at that glow, what a plan

Ten times better than Sam I am green eggs in ham

But no thank you man

Can’t do it

Won’t do it

Screw it

I know I would make so much money

It’s not even funny

Any dummy can see how huge this is gonna be

But I’m a stooge, I’m worse than scrooge

I know how huge this is going to be

But I will not set this project free

Because it’s not about me!!!

I know I would be the shit of the town

I know this is far better than anything around

But I don’t want to help this clown

I know it has the best music

Who could refuse it?

Oh the music oh the sound

The sound that makes the heart go round

The sound that will make the world go round

The sound the children will love more than going on the merry go round

The sound the winds the clock

The sound that winds the soul

The sound that can put man back in the heart and soul

And take away that mind control

Take away the brain wash

Take away the car wash

Look beyond the star watch

Beyond the stars

Beyond Jupiter and mars

Where no one drives cars

No one drives cars with gas

Because we all know with gas cars

The world cant last

So why do we blast and blast the gas?

Knowing that we can not last

Gas must become the past

Or the world will pass away

At the end of the day

We cannot play the game of life any more

Destiny is knocking on the door

Its time to look at the poor

Heal the earth sores

Open all the doors

Get rid of the gasses

And the earths hot flashes

Think about the masses

The mass of shit

That man compiled

With out style

He defiled the earth

As she gasps for rebirth

A hpe of mirth

But how

How can we save the sky?

When man is so high on himself thinking about his money his wealth

How can we save the steams?

The river and lakes?

With so many fakes

Fake people in high places

Who live in hearts of empty spaces?

People who don’t care

Don’t share

Don’t wear any love

Don’t dear to do the right thing

Don’t dare to wear angles wings

People who just live in fear

And who want to create fear so you people of the earth better beware

Became now the light is sharing the message

The only message

That you need to hear

Is right here

Right here and right now

POW, WOW…. LISTEN in and listen to it NOW

Listen to it now ... but how

How can I get you to listen?

Unless I perform my magic

Unless I perform my magic

That will leave the world not so tragic

Not so sick

How do I do it?

How will I accomplish this?

With a story of glory

And story of wit

A story of faith

And story of fate

And story that any one can relate to

As story for the old

A story for the new

A story for the young

A story for the old

A story for the heart

A story for the soul

A story that will get us all to live in the super bowl of souls

So peter this is your roll

You will start today when you get up

Finish the e-mail to Warren Zide

The only man in power to beat the pride

And to decide to beat the war inside

He wont hide from you the way you think

Warren does not stink

Warren won’t fall to the waste side like the others

Warren has a heart like you and your brother

He’s a SMITHE like Tommy smothers

He’s not jealous like all the others

He’s not jealous like Phyllis Gellis

Warrens zealous

And we know you don’t know what that

Word means

But when you look it up like so many other times before you will understand why

You came knocking on his door

And he will soar with you

With the rock a roar

He will soar with you with the knight of the light

With the kite boy who never gave up his fight

Warren Zide will do what right

He will want to stand with the might

And win his fight

To do what’s right

And proud to recite the words the entire world

Will be hissing

This is the peace of pie American pie was missing

All the parents of the world will me kissing you

For you were able to with stand

The meanest of all man

You were able to keep on fighting thru all

Un-holy-wood’s thunder and all their lighting

You kept striking back like the Viking you are

A Viking sent from beyond the stars

The knight of the light

Is here to fight

To do what is right

And if that meant stand alone

For over eight years

All alone where no one shared

No one cared

Everyone glared

No one dared to do what’s right

To win their fight

No one was dear in this entire town

Where they all pointed at you the clown

No one listened in to the pound of the heart

They all stayed jailed in the head

That lead them to a place and a space

With no interface

A place so sad that you can’t get mad

A place so dark there is not one spark

Not one spark of hope

That they will have time to catch Gods rope

The rope so that they may have a chance to cope

But nope it is too late they have all but

Sealed their fate

They will all get one last chance

One last chance to make their stance

One more time their phone will chime

One more time they will say hello

Can I help you?

And The Knight will say yes

And they will say, “hold on, I’m sorry he’s in a meeting can I take a message

Not knowing they are giving themselves a beating

And the message from the spirit world is they better wake up and smell the coffee in their heart

But they can’t there so in the dark

Not knowing how fleeting this life really is

Greeting people with that infamous line of ugly show biz

You can help me and you can help yourself

All you need to do is get off your higher self

You’ve passed on this project before

But I’m giving you one more chance to soar

Knocking on your door with the Sillysaurs

For you to adore and explore

Are you still passing on our endorsements?

That give you a glimpse of what we have

Remember these are better remarks

To help show that you can really make your mark

Far better accolades than any hit project of its kind ever before

Here we are one last time at your door

But they will all pass again my friend

For one reason and one reason only

They are all full of their owney

Their own hype

Their only gripe

The Knight is the SMITHE

The SMITHE that created this work

Is a fucking Jerk?

So in the end how can any of this work?

But this story has all the perks

And all the quirks

And all that lurks

And all that works

For a media blitz

That will sit at the top over every chart

Are you ready to start?

The top music

The top books

The top toys

The top games video and box

The Sillysaurs will rock around the clock

And around the world

All The Knight’s rhymes will be hurled

Everyone will be tuned into God

And for the first time the world will be in harmony

For the sake of love not money

For everyone here will be living a new way of life

When they shine the light

They will be living in SMITHE