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The Knight of The Light

The Knight of The Light


The Journey To The Truth
The SECRET the Secret was Missing

This video of the Knight of the Light is not a video for everybody.
Most as a matter of fact will find it very disturbing, almost creepy.
This video is for people who are very spiritual and really want to
feel the pain of the spirit world and the pain of mother earth.   Most
people are not ready for this truth.  And therefore they will find it
hard to experience almost frightening.  The repetition some may even
find boring.  But when the Light speaks to the knight the light
repeats and repeats and repeats not out of stupidity but out of
importance, and magnitude of the planets situation.  The echo
signifies the importance of the facts that are being talked about.
It's drilling home something that people really need to hear.  Most
people don't want to hear the TRUTH about them selves, especially if
that truth is not positive. It makes them uncomfortable and many times it causes them to become angry, and they end up getting mad at the knight.

So if you are not ready to see just how sad and angry the father is
and mother earth is at mankind for his dark decisions that he has made
with the free will the Light has blessed him with, then this video is
not for you.

If you are willing to look at mankind's bad decisions squarely in the
eye and truly see just how bad off mother earth really is then you
will in fact understand the importance of this video and how it can
actually help mankind correctly see the bad situation this planet
really is in.

If you are looking for a video that portrays some positive concept of
how mankind has done the right thing and made the right decisions with the free will that God has given us…. then this film definitely is not
for you.

Thank you for taking an interest in the utter turmoil, despair and
fall this plant has unfortunately taken.

You may find parts of this video boring; the repetition is for effect
to portray the importance of the heart of the matter.  The knight has
been spoken to many times by the Light and it's always with this type
of repetition. The BIG message here is to listen in, LISTEN IN before
it's too late.  Rarely does the Light ever if at all speak one line
after another line with out repetition.   So the concept of this video
is to see the pain and suffering the father and the mother are both
feeling for their children's bad decisions. They are pleading with us
to wake up and smell the coffee in our hearts.

The facial expressions of the knight are the pain and the passion that
the Light and the mother has about these situations of the plant.
Keep in mind this is not acting, this is channeled so what you are
seeing visually and what you are hearing is directly coming from the
source!  So many of you may find this video very disturbing.  The
mother and the father are extremely, exceptionally, exceedingly,
unhappy on the choices man has made with the free will we were blessed

The other thing that many will find very upsetting is that the truth
of the matter is that the Light knows what is in each one of our
hearts and words will not hide our thoughts and our actions.  Many
people will find this worrying as well, because they will realize
there is no place to hide, that the Light obviously KNOWS the Real
Deal Holy Field.  No pun intended.

But finally on a positive note the message here is, if we do the right
thing with the little time we have left we can win the fight to save
the planet, and win ourselves a better experience in the Spirit World
if we choose not to live by LIFE but live by SMITHE.

So we can no longer come to this planet any more and play the game of LIFE that game we have definitely lost.  The father and mothers
message is its time to play the game of SMITHE because we lost playing the game of LIFE.