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The Knight of The Light

The Knight of The Light


The Knight of The Light Audio Book



Each chapter is either sung as a song or is done in spoken word accompanied by music. 

The book will be sold as three separate audio books.


  • Samples of Recorded Inspirational Songs from the book the Knight of the Light Audio CD • 

• Samples of chapters in spoken word with music accompany • Spoken word by the knight himself with music score by Bryan Senatore • 

  • Bryan Senatore's personal CD Bryan is Peters Music Partner on the book •

Bryan is a wonderful composer and singer He is the producer composer for 90 persent of the music.  Peter writes all the lyric and the melody ... Bryan is the singer on most of the songs in the Knight of the Light....Peter does the spoken word.  Peter was told by the Light to use Bryan for this project...see Bryan more on Bryan at



We are in the process of recording the Knight of the Light expected due date March/April, 2007