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The Knight of The Light

The Knight of The Light


The Knight of the Light,

Sir Imagination


Let me introduce myself
I'm the Knight of the Light from the bottom shelf
I'm here to share my path and help you find the truth
To guide you with the ultimate proof
I am just as you are
The kite boy trying to fly my kite to the stars
I have chosen a difficult dream
And had to pass the spiritual tests of the unseen
The tests to progress
Boy have I learned
And therefore the gifts have been earned
The Light has given us all free will
And the way is instilled
In all of our hearts
Is all of the smarts
The right choices will keep us from being torn apart
Purity of heart is necessary for the knight
To see the Light and hear his voice
The knight must live an ethical life by choice
His conduct must be right
He must not give up his fight
 A pilgrim on a spiritual path
He must keep the faith through out the journeys math
When climbing the Mountain of Life
We must deal with the inner and outer strife
Step by step and falling towards the top of the peak
You won't reach the Light in one big leap
Righteous living
Forgiving and forgiving
Is how we earn our wings to reach the king
For the soul to experience God
You cannot be a fraud
He will have to know the inner man
Who he is and what he is to understand
  "Know thyself" has been the motto set forth by all sages
In every scripture through out the ages
They all said the same things through out their pages
All the masters wrote their experiences with the Light
To help you climb the mountain of life
Just as I the Knight share my climb
Through angelic rhyme
How could this be?
Has the Light really spoken to me?
Yes, yes, yes, many, many times
The Light has shinned
And spoken in a way to leave no doubt in my mind
This is not some made up story
To fill my ego and bring me glory
It's something that has happened to me
A blessing that set my spirit free
And now I understand
And I offer you my helping hands
Many won't believe me?
That now I hold the masters keys
The keys to set your spirit free
Its calmed my nerves and reassured
I was given these gifts because my heart was pure
Unless you've shared my experience
 I'm sure you will be hard to convince
Every religion sings the same morals
Yet they all still quarrel
There is one reality…God…the Light
The goal of the soul…to do what is right
Only then will you see and hear the Light

In one religion covering your head is respect
In another it's disrespect
But the purpose is the same
Do you see the shame in this childish game?
Those who follow the letter of the rule
Are the unspiritual fools
  They simply forget the spirit
Intellectual parrots
They fight not for humanity
 But for differences, for vanity
Pure insanity
Lets close our eyes to reality
We are all worshiping the same God…but we can't see
When difficulties arise
We are hypnotized through anxiety's eyes
 We can't feel the Light because our fears
We become skeptics through all life's tears
We have not heard god with our ears
And we've not seen him in all our years
So how can our faith be 100%?
By all the messages the Light has sent
There is no such thing a coincidence
Intellectuals will call all this pretense


I want to teach the truth
In a creative and simple way
I want every soul
To see the Light in night and day
I want to pave the way for everyone to understand
Through this poetic-music I extend my helping hand
Every soul is on the way
Know the Light sees all that you do and say
To him actions speak louder than words
And every thought of yours is heard
Cover your ears
And hear god's voice
With that inner ear you'll make the right choice
Close your eyes
And see the light
With your inner eye you'll see what's right
For seeing is believing
Experience the Light that will never be deceiving
When you truly understand there's no such thing as grieving
The journey of the soul
Is our earthly role
You're here to take the test
So think with your heart and try your best
Experience the longest halls and highest walls
The crawl, the climb and all the falls
It is not a matter of intellectual babbling
But of first-hand experience unraveling
To open the inner eye and ear
Ethical culture must be clear
Ethical life is a stepping-stone
For a one-way ticket to our spiritual home
Blessed are the ones who think with their hearts
This is what makes one spiritually smart
All those who see with invisible sight
Will someday see the universal Light
Purity in thought of word and deed
This is how enlightened spirits succeed
Forget the ego, jealousy and greed
Universal love is all that we need
That will grant you angel's wings
As long as you respect all living things
Service before self
Is your faith so strong you'll say no to destructive wealth?
Silence the violence
Truth is higher than everything
But higher still is true living
A knight of the Light
Shares the light with all the world
Faith and compassion are more precious than pearls
They come not for one nation, one country, or religion
They come to show mankind love and light is there mission
With precision they make the loving decisions
It's so simple when you have angelic vision