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The Knight of The Light

The Knight of The Light





Personal Poems from the Light in You …

Phone Readings …



Note: AT this time the Knight does not charge … its donation based on two things


1. Your personal experience with the Light

2. What you can afford … if you are broke the Knight does not expect anything but a thank you…and a letter or note of your experience….he would like letters or e mails from everyone he works with

The knight wants you to understand how the universe…if you give a dollar expect the Universe to give you back 3 to 10 times that amount


Personal Poem from the Light in you to the knight…see samples of these and the letter of reaction from the participants…these poems come to the knight with in minutes 20 to 30 at the most and they’re done…. each one means the world to the person that it is for.  The knight is not sitting there writing these poems.  How could he possibly do that?  WE think you will agree when you see sample reading


Phone Readings…the knight does phone readings where you can ask questions….just listen to what your light has to say…or he can contact loved ones in the spirit world…you can ask them questions about how it is in the sprit world to their experience of death, even if they killed themselves on earth.  People can even ask  a question of something that is only known between the person that died and themselves.   The knight does this well but hates doing it because sometime it can take up to one hour and its very boring for him.  Note most times in the readings these types of things come up anyways.

IDEA-IVITY Entertainment

if you would like to read the
complete story, you have seen
a preview of, or order the full
version of the music you have
listend to, please contact
The Knight Of The Light.
or call
at 323 201-2698.


The Light gave me this message so we can all understand the concept of give and take. 

The light is in the shoe
The girl thinks you're like some kangaroo
A guru that jumps from shoe to shoe
She does not have a clue about your time
About the time you take to write these rhymes
Well we write these rhymes and you type these rhymes
But no matter how you look at it
It still takes time
So you have to start accep
ting dimes
Accepting dimes for these rhymes
Its not a crime in the spirit world
To get paid for these gifts we graced you with
You should get paid you've paid the price
And that's why you understand the life of SMITHE
And that's why these people want your advice
To help their climb up the mountain of life
So accept their money, accept their change
The Light will bless them, no it's not strange
It's not strange to give a gift to someone
Who has given their their heart and soul
Why do you think you've been graced?
With the Greatest gifts from the super soul
Of the Super Soul Bowl