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The Knight of The Light

The Knight of The Light


FEED BACK from people who have experienced
the Knights Gifts

From Ash
This is for pettie the sweatiest,

I can't begin to tell you how much you've helped me.
Clearing my head and finding Mary in my heart has brought me such a sense of comfort in my life. You should not ever question or doubt this gift you have...something much higher is working through you ...
I am so fortunate to be a part of it.
lots of love, ash


From Lia
awesome just very very awesome ... you just put my soul in words, can't describe it otherwise ...
and the fact that I am guided by the one I already knew just came through ... thanks zillions dear Lightknight ..
Hearthug, Lia

From B
i like the lines a lot. they should work quite well.
your channeling is right on the money. (no pun intended.) lol.
smithe should be finished before the end of the week. i spent a few hours last night, adding the rest of the music in full length. its long (over four minutes), but i think it will be great.
ive been up since around 5am working on it, i might lay in a temp. voc.
track, so you can hear it.... believe me, i understand were working together on this for a reason. i dont take that lightly.
i truly believe in the things you are saying, and what we are doing.
i have great faith in it.

Peace, B.

From Monique

Hi !

Thank you so much for sending this to me, despite the fact that my other address didn't work (there is an "e" at the end of noelle-. The words that the light had to say really made
my heart swell. I do believe all those things... that in my heart I am a dancer of love and that my potential is endless, but it is so amazing to hear.

I just recieved this email, so I will read your book when I get a chance and let you know how I received it. Again, thank you for sending it to me. You are a beautiful soul and have been given these gifts for a very definate reason!!

Sending my love, talk to you soon,


From Alie
tonight i had a messenger healing experience with the beautiful knight of the light... i so enjoyed reading his messages from other people who experienced his healing gifst and now had the plesure to get one myself ... i got reiki from a family member and more healings from other people and even trough with peter was with yahoo messenger it had the same effect as with the others face to face.. what would that mean if i got this experience being with peter in the same room hahah must try that once !!!  im here now an hour later feeling so much more positively fragile and grounded then befor the healing man its really wonderful !!! feeling that i am in my heart again....I MISSED ME hahaha  wow that feels so full of love even though a lot of sadness came up from past life and this life.... sadness in my heart and i feel it now but more in a embracing it feeling.... i feel more connected to myself again...  he told me what to do and i had to say ok if i was ready and close my eyes as he told me where to put my hands... very funny after we began at my head this relaxed feeling came over me and i became very tired jawning very much felt very nice sleepy... and as we came to my heart i had to coufh very much (coffing) rubbisch comming out and crie very deeply feld like a load on there with sadness my back i got chills down my spine hahah and we went to my genital area even more and deeper crying .... my history with sexual encounters surfaced again and made me relive some stuf cried again about it and after felt very much more grounded and a deeper connection to myself again like a piece of my wall i didnt see crumbled.... and now i feel at ease relaxed and very much stronger in myself.. sort of melancholie and  hopeful for whats to come... its more love i feel... wow peter it begins to sink in more after an hour or so what it did inside me im so thankful of this experience you taking the time to do this with and to me !!! thank you so much for being you sharing you and your gifts .you are so funny and sweet to !!.. please stay you and dont let anyone tell you your kite cant fly to the stars !!! NEVER doubt! keep believing in your gift and in yourself !! you will get the love you surch for and the sillysaurs will pick up trust this.. better
to take some years longer then that it falls in ego hands dont it ??
that the kidsies get to see the way its mend !! i love you soul to soul very much !!! thank you !! i wish you a great day there in america
much love and in deeper connection

From Mya
I thought already there was a mistake in the reading a mistake in confusion between lia en Mia. Actually i found it very funny when i read it the first time. Didn't  wanted to reply immediate with a silly question about names. In the essence,there only names to me...The reading itself, i only read once. So now i'm going to read it again> the good one
I already know that for me it is a fact that the more i read it; the more it will get to me. The first time a read it, there were parts when i felt that necessary something.Wish means there parts really written with the heart...But as you can imagine i have to read it
No matter how, i prefer a poem.reading from someone who 's still down to earth and onestly apolegize for a human mistake...than i would pay 80 euro's to someone acting as if ... I have a naturel gift as well....i can smell ,lol really smell when someone is fake...
With you it feels so like me...that's the whole meaning,isn't it?
So i will contact you during the weekend about further contact on yahoo messenger because indeed i'm interessted for a healing and..Also (even thow i'm not that rich ) i will give a small donation to show my respect for what you're doing.For the rest time will tell.
Many Thanks
"Mya" also powerflowergirl

Another one from Mya,
feedback on the healing the Knight did for her
Hey ,

First time i got on the website i read the poems.When i was reading the poem for Lia (the only person i know a litlle ) , i really read here soul in the poem. It was so she :)!!!
Two days it took untill i had the guts to ask if it was possible to get a message myself.
Totally suprised i was when a day later i received my poem.

As i was checking my mailbox Sunday evening , i got contact with Peter on yahoo-messenger. He told me that he had later on a chakra-healing with Alie and after that he had time for me as well.
At that moment i didn't expect to get the same evening( -> night )a chakra healing.
As i was totally in the head at first i didn't feel comfortable at all, while we were having a chat before...i was really nervious.

But from the moment we started the chakra healing i felt quickly more relax.
The most intense moment was when were working on the heart. I closed my eyes and visualise myself in a very loving way. Like i was walking in a garden, no worries at all.The person i would (could) be...if i would only love myself fully. It was like i could really fall in love with myself...suddenly tears came out of my eyes...i felt a lot of pain, deep pain. But the feeling i felt was differend the tears and pain felt sensitive. I wasn't crying loud, the pain came out in a soft,gentle way...don't no how i would discribe it better...Like i was there for myself...also i didn't feel alone anymore....i really was in the center of my  heart! And it felt so good.....even the pain felt good...i was grateful to feel. To feel so much love in myself...that i asked Peter if it was ok for him if we stopted here... He asked me why and what i had felt ,experienced....

I don't remember excactly when or how, but at a particular moment Peter said that 'my Peter' was there...i've i had any questions.

But how many questions i sometimes have in the head... on that moment i felt perplex.....felt so much love around me....words cannot explain...The proof that the knight of light was real to me, (because i have always my doubts about people who channel ect.) the proof i felt on that moment because he was also suprised of the love we could feel...It was really love from above...

That night i sleeped like a baby !!! No more dreads in the head at the moment ....i have a feeling more and more since a long time, i'm not alone anymore. The most beautiful thing on that, is that it doen't have anything to do with something/someone on the outside....It really come's from me, my inner 'mya'. And that is really somthing i can tell you that!
Although i have still mountains to

Knighti knight....peetiweetisweetie
I just know your send from above....

I can only say -> million times THANK YOU ! Even if it comes from my inner me....You take the time for someone. You know you deal with an individual,even that i a GOD's gift.
Much love from me and above..
Stay who you are...

From Jeff
thank you. I REALLY needed this email. It was very
accurate...exact to be a matter of fact.
I woke up with a headache this morning. but please do
not tell Patty or my family anymore about them, I
don;t want them to know or be alarmed.
I want what is best for us, the company and the many
who will be blessed and touched in some way by all you
have created. I will do my best.

I love you too, brother


From Majken
Hi wonderman ;-))

I have little time the next few days to sit behind my pc but I'll promise you that I'll write on your site on Monday...Now my son boyfriend and his son need my focus of attention...and my love anyway this is how it was for was almost 3am here when we finished and i was full of energy......not able to get to sleep very well....but eventually i did...though I woke up 3 hours later and forced myself to sleep...till 8 a.m.

I thought I would be tiered and grumpy.......but I feel great.......I took me a day of from the clinic where i do my project cause I thought after so little sleep which has been going on for the last couple of weeks I might collapse....cause yesterday I almost did.....but no...I still feel great and full of on my face and talkative to strangers during my tour them a good feeling...and yes giving me a good feels weird feeling no negativity after all these years of also seems that i can finally put aside the anger and replace it for forgiving.....

I'm also very greatful that I didn't have any nightmares...normally I wake up screaming every  night...this would be a great gift, no more murdering in my dreams...or demons telling me what to do....i seem to be in peace

dearest peter I need to pick up my beautifull child from
school......and when he's around i'm totally there for him...he live's partime at my place and part-time at his fathers we don't see eachother  everyday.......the last vew days I was so angry with my ex it even popped my mind to move away with our son.....but now everything seems as its supposed to be...and I accept.....its good as it is

no fear, no anger and lots of love....I FEEL IN LOVE WITH not gonna scream to God for him to please take my life ever again.......i know my mission...and i will succeed...

thanx again
for taking the pain

and thanx for sharing your story below
I find you an interesting person...very lovely

have a great weekend and after that i'll write on your site

Love Majken

Another one  from Majken
on the healing she received

The Knioght gave me a messenger healing….and yes, it worked!! Even though I didn’t have much faith, this was gone with all the pain I tried to capture with my brain. So we talked a little and this already opened the gate to my heart…it felt like some kind of preparation to start having faith again.

We sat behind our pc and he told me what to do. The purpose was to clear my chakras….especially my heart chakra needed to be opened so this is where we started.

I had to sit down comfortably, close my eyes and put my hands on the heart area. This is what happened: I felt my heart pounding very hard, and then it felt as if the only thing of me existing was my very wild heart. I really held it in my hands to not let it jump away (sounds weird but this is how it was). This feeling made me feel sick and I wanted to run to the toilet to throw-up…brrrr….but I wanted to be strong and I stayed in position. Then I started burping…really loud and long  J after the burping I felt relieved and my heart calmed down…then I saw a light going from my heart to my head and back to my heart again and I felt lightness within…as if a tremendous load fell of. Then it stopped an I went back to the pc and said done…just when Peter was done too…this took about half an hour and it seemed only to have taken 5 minutes.

In the same sense we de-blocked all the other chakras and a similar experience was with solar plexus….again burping out all the negativity.

The whole healing took about 2 hours or even more….it was 3am for me and I really had to get some sleep but I was so full of energy and no negative thoughts it was hard to sleep. Eventually I did and after a couple of hours I woke up still full of energy and without negativity…I felt clear, I felt my heart, and I felt no constrain of my brain or fear.

This stayed for days…and sure its not all better now, same problems on my path as before, but the fear is easier to let go and my reactions come more from the heart. I talk with my heart because he helped me to have ears for it again…THANX A MILLION …keep up your spirit….so will I


With Love Majken

From Gina

I LOVE this  - And I love you. of course we were brother and
sister _ that makes perfect sense!
I read everything you sent - I believe that everything is going to be
amazing for you - bigger than you can imagine -
I love that you don't take charge for what you are doing but only take
donations  - to me -that is the mark of the true healer...
I am thrilled, happy, elated, joy-filled for all of the wonderful
things that are happening to- and - thru you.
I am on deadline for my script. - Please send me as much love and
light and inspiration for brilliant writing over the next three days.
I am going to keep my nose to the grindstone and get this done - it is
late and I am under the gun - so send me lots and lots of love.
I can't wait to speak with you and catch up once I get my work done -
in the meantime - know that I am thinking of you and sending you love.

From Francesca

The Knight of the Light is a very powerful healer. I could feel the energy as soon as the session began. It felt like dark clouds in my head were being cleared away, and my spine was being straightened.  I was pulled a lil' closer to the divine. Peter opened up my blocked heart chakra I could literally feel the light shining through. The healing has effected me profoundly. I have a better grip of my emotions, clearer direction in my life, and no more pain in my heart. The day after my healing an  abundance of work opened up for me in the career path of my heart.
I have been able to stay in my heart and feel all the true love around me and with in me.
Thank You! You are a saint and a angel. The true essence of purity, serenity, chiseled by masculinity.

Francesca Zappitelli, Artist

From Sigrid
Firstable I want you to know that I was very happy to get in touch with you. I was very impressed to wake up the next day: saturday after we have talked & I had no pain on my hip...this pain I've had for several years I believe it was due to a car accident. It is too much of a coincidence that after you chanted & said: " do have pain it is going to take 4 days.... it is painful & I could feel you feel my pain"...we talk & it dissapear. I hope you can still help others......Lots of Love Always from someone that cares about you and admires your patience & persistence.