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The Knight of The Light

The Knight of The Light


For The Knight

Hello Light, my loving me

You’re always here to talk to me

You give me visions while I’m sleeping

Of my dreams that I’m seeking

I hear you so clear without fear in my heart

From the start

I listen in for your voice


On Planet Earth I walk the roads

Narrow streets of hardened stones

All from needy thrones the kings have thrown

On my climb I noticed man’s thoughts were flawed

In the SMITHE I saw all the universal laws

Became the knight

I listen in for your voice


‘Cause through the Light of SMITHE I saw

Ten billion people, maybe more

People listening without hearing

People looking without seeing

People touching without feeling and don’t care

They live in fear

And that blocks the Light’s voice


The brain thinks, but does not know

The heart flows and wisdom grows

I hear your voice that reaches me

I feel your arms around me

I see you teach me each time I fall

I hear you

I listen in for your voice


What we reap is what we sow

This is not believed, I know

And the Light has shined its warning

These are his words I ‘m forming

And the signs are the pains of Mother Earth

Disasters are the warnings

Global warming

Crying from her inner voice

We have to make the right choice

And live by SMITHE*, not Life

To save the planets life



*SMITHE  =  Spirit, Morals, Imagination, Truth , Heart, Endurance

For Ashley
Mary's in the shoe
And Ashley, I love you
You are you
You have so many things to do
You are great as great can be
You can be what you want to be
You can be what you can see
You are me and I am me
And together we are harmony
You are a charm
From the farmland
You command attention
All you need is some prevention
You are the light's greatest invention
You are the intention that everyone will mention
At every Hollywood convention
At the luncheons and the dinners
Ashley Brin will be the winner
Like the Spinners from the 60's
Ashley is so nifty and so rifty
She's the winner of an Emmy
As she parties at the Grammys
Everybody sees her
Every little girl wants to be her
Now she needs to be sure
As Peter tries to cure her
And Mary reassures her
With these words
That you have heard
That we have purred into your heart
I hope this is a brand new start
To start to know
And start to grow
And start to show
You won't slow down
You pound this town
To win your crown
And wear that gown
As you thank the light
For this night
You've gained your sight
You know it's right
You have the might
You have the fight
To win this game
Free from pain
Because it's me and you
And you and me
And we're in perfect harmony
As long as you stay strong
And listen to the gong inside your heart
And stay home in the heart
And don't roam to the head
That shed of dread the leads
You down that path of sad
The path of mad
That path that's bad
The path that cries
That you despise
You just fly down here
To the house we share
The house that's clear
The house that's dear
That has no tears
We can talk; you can drink a beer
All you need to do is have NO FEAR
So who are you gonna trust?
I say choose us!
Me and you
You and I
Together forever we can reach the sky
Nothing is too high for you and I
The sky's not the limit
And Ashley Brin is the Win
Is the Fin of the fish from deep within
So today we begin
To know for sure
There is no doubt
We'll win our bout
Ashley's confidence will sprout and spout
So shout it out
Ashley is dashly and fashionably flashy
She the pastashy in pastashio
She the show in TV show
And she does NOT THINK!!!!!!!
She flows
And she goes
Straight to the top
The top of the crops
From the farmland she came from
Ashley Brin will win
Her partner is Mary, the fairy from deep within
So grin and begin to realize
You have stars in your eyes
And you can't have that
Unless the light is shining on you
So Ashley Dawn I hope it dawns on you to get the clue
Have NO FEAR Ashley the WINNER is here
I love you Ashley
Me and you, you and I
We will not be denied
And realize this little song
Is not a lie
Love you forever, Mary
The canary in your heart

Then Ashley left and I channeled this that same night from my
grandma...this is just a small portion of what I channeled that
night…but one that I found a bit confusing until the next day when
Ashley stopped by.  So here's the story.

Hi Petie sweetie
Grandmas in the shoe
To greet your life a new
I baked these cookies just for you
Because Petie the sweetie of all gurus
No longer will you sing the blues
You'll be jumping around like a kangaroo
So happy to be free
Living in perfect harmony
I know you think this is too good to be true
Because all the years and tears that you've been through
Your there staring past the ceiling in the sky
Wondering how and why
You want to cry you want to sing
You want to smile
Your stiff with files of unanswered questions
And you want to protect your broken heart
From all the doors that shut since the day you started
So you're a big caution sign
And honey I don't blame you
But I promise you'll be fine
Finer than the finest wine
You will shine brighter than any star
Any star that's ever shined
So back to sleep
Listen to the beat
Of the feet you your heart
They are marching to the beat of your brand new start
You're the art that hangs on every wall
Of every hall
In the spirit world so tall
You're the greatest of all the knights
Because you never lived life
You only lived SMITHE
I love you Peteie Sweetie
Your grandma Grody
Is your roady in your heart

I understood everything but I could not figure out about the cookies,
I thought perhaps it was a metaphor for something else.  I was wrong.
read on—an excerpt from my daily journal;
Ashley just came by for a healing this  morning…
She brought cookies here for me
She said she did not know why she had the urge to buy me cookies…who
buys cookies today for anyone?  No one ever bought me cookies in my
life…just like this…unless I asked…
She bought them at  Bristol Farms which sells very expensive home made cookie…
And then I read what I had channeled last night to her and we realized the
cookie line…unreal…then I told her the story of how my grandma always
made us grandchildren cookies. They would be on a cookie tray…she
always hid an almond in one of the cookies on each tray.   If you
picked that cookie you would win one dollar…
…so keep in mind
Ashley brought me cookies and did not know why she had the urge to buy
cookies today…she just did..she knows I don't even eat them unless its
Sunday, my junk food day…and guess what they were all chocolate chip
Except one—it was incredible; it was an almond cookie to win that
dollar!…but the message is now it's a lot more than a dollar it's the
message of many dollars for my company.  So when grandma Grody said,
"I baked these cookies just for you." She really meant it and the
metaphorical message was also there in the form of that lone almond

For Lia
Who is in the shoe?
Who is you in the shoe?
Who's the shoe in the shoe?
The shoe in the shoe in Lia's heart
Lias heart is the art of Love
The art of love from above
The dove of love is the glove that Lia wears over her heart
Lia's smart because she's always in he  cart of her heart
Lia is a beautiful soul
She's in control because shes in her heart
She's in her art of the ark of the lark of the heart
She's the vision of precision
Her decisions are all based with the love of the love from the dove of the above
A heart so pure
She's able to endure
Life's magical, mystery, tour

She's knocking on the door of success
Always giving it her best
In life's test after test
She has the zest not to give up
Even when the steps get tough
She looks up and keeps on going
Knowing and flowing and growing
The light in her just keeps on snowing
And showing her the light
So she won't give up the fight
As shes been guided to the knight
Tonight on this night when the knight is
Suppose to be asleep he choose
To connect to lias light
So she would keep up her fight
Keep up her sight and her insight
Because she knows what right
She knows the light is with her for sure
As he pours this love into her cup
She drinks it up
With a smile on her face
She knows shes been graced
Faced with questions
She found a friend
On the other end of the earth
Shes found rebirth
And most important mirth
Lia this is from the love the light in you
I love you I love you I love you
Im right here just talk to me
Be free, let go, let go, flow
Because I know you know im here
Listen in, listen in, listen in
Have no fear, be clear
Im here, lia and I have no fear.
Beware were climbing to the top
We wont stop, we wont stop, we wont stop
Will mop up the mess, were given it our best
Test after test after test
Lia that's all for now
If you have questions of why and how
And who…just look inside of you
You're a spiritual kangaroo
Your gonna make all your dreams come true
And I the love, the Light I you I will help you thru
me and you, you and I
together we will not be denied

For Monique Noell

Your name is beautiful like music
It was very nice talking to you
Some one with a heart that beats apart
God bless you, stay true
You are a kangaroo of love
I was just going to send my book and this song
Then I asked if your Light wanted to sing a long
And here is what was told to me....exactly...very strong
Sweetest of hearts, I did not write a word of this
It's a kiss from the bliss in the window of your heart
Your Light that burns bright for any dream that you're a part of
This is what your Love told me the Knight of the Light to type
The Light in you is LOVE
Monique Noell is beautful
She's full of light
She's full of love
She's a dove of love sent from above
She sings and dances and prances
She's a vision of romances
She enhances the world
With angel wings attached to this girl
She is the one that shines like the sun
She's fun she runs she hums
She's a dancer for the Light
Dancing for the answers out of sight
Willing to look in and listen in
To the flute that toots inside her heart
That toots with the strings of the wings of her lark
That sings with the love that makes her so smart
An open heart that stands apart
She can and will succeed her art
The art that hangs inside her heart
The bell that rings the love that sings
Monique Noel can do anything
She's the maiden that all the kings want
But it does not matter, its what Monique Noel wants
She's a giver, not a taker
You'll read about her in the paper
She's the vision of decision
She's precision of a vision
She's on a mission of the Light the love and the way
And the light in you is here to say
I love you!!! Monique Noel
From the one that swells in the middle of your HEART!!!!
Deep in the well of the artist of art.
I love you!

For Brian
brian this is the light talking to you
you have to do something about that girl
you're not happy
you're not free
like you want to be
your mind is not clear
so you can't hear
you cant hear the love in you
your in the mind, the mind of stew
your black and blue inside your heart
trying to figure out how to part
its a money situation
not infatuation
this is your frustration
you need to listen to your heart
the cart that carries the truth
away from the misery of your youth
how can you focus on a song
when all you do is think whats wrong
you need to be strong
you belong in the Light
with out the Light you can't see right
And do what's right
this is a message peters afraid to send
he thinks its not his business
and hes afaid that he''ll ofend,  you
but he hopes its right and it will help mend you
and lend you some good adivse
get out of the vise girp
from the whip of fear
pear into you heart
Peters thinking what if this message wrong
bryans gonna think im nuts
but if im hearing this right it will mend his cuts
so he rather take the risk
with some word from the light
that may be timly advise

Dear Mya

Dear Mya this is Peter and the light in me SMITHE talking right now…
The knight of the light. Thank you for putting your trust I me.  I
just got done listening to your heart right now…and below is exactly
what I was told and I typed it for you.  I hope you take this to heart
no pun intended, because it was very beautiful the Light obviously
loves you very much and from what I can see you are a very beautiful
soul, in the super bowl of all the souls.  I don't mind contacting
your loved ones or answering any questions you want.  But first take a
look at this. Then if you want more we can talk on yahoo messenger, I
assume you are out of the USA.  I can align your chokras to help you
with your climb up the mountain of life… on your journey to pass lifes
tests.  I can answer any questions to help you  you understand
SMITHE…anything you feel you need to grow your seeds… help you proceed
up the mountain so you can acquire all your fountains to lead you in
the right direction…and give you introspection… … …I hope this poem
from your heart hits the mark on the door of your ark.  Please let me
know if it all made sense to you and how.

Keep the faith
The Knight of the LIGHT
To the Light, for the Light and by the LIGHT

Mya's love is in the shoe, Mya's love is in the shoe, Misa's love is in the shoe
Mya, Mya, Mya, whose on fire, fire, fire with desire
Higher, higher, higher
In the mire, of the wire of desire
Mya never tire's
She aspires for aspirations
She's then generator for generations
She inspires inspirations
She's a catalytic converter for organizations
She puts patients in all the patients
She's the time and the space
And the face of LOVE
She cries so many tears
And here she is right here
Giving you information
To talk to her spirits station
Mya peter does not need any information
He's a psychic for a new generation
All he needs is the love in your heart
The love the lark in Mya's ark
That sparked her to write this letter
Cause birds of a feather flock together
To weather the storm inside your heart
That rocks and rocks the arks of hearts
You came to Pettie the Sweetiest non greediest
Who's always here to medicate the heart
To listen to that spark in you
So you can make it thru that storm inside of you
So MYA Mya don't be blue
This letters really from the spark in you
The ark in you
The lark in you
The zoo of all the animals inside your heart
Inside your ark
Want you to steer away from the sharks inside your head
The dread that leads you know where
That fear that is so unclear
That dear that only looks for doe
That dear that THINKs they know and know
But never glow and never grow
And never show the love of the lark
The head of dread has the love of shark
So stay in the ark of the love of the lamb
The clam that bakes in Myas heart
Is the smarmiest of smarmiest of smarmiest of hearts
Now go to the park with your little one
The one that gives you so much fun
Run and run and run and run
Under the light of the sun son sun son sun son
Of the one and only light
Who has given you all  this insight
To help you win your fight
And do all things right
With the angels wings that sings inside your heart
Mya you are the love that we embark
You are the spark we chose to park
Our wisdom with today
So to shay, hip, hip hooray
This is MYA's day
We love you above you
In side of you, right beside you
Its me and you
You and I
So Mya we never say goodby
Even after the day we die
We fly together back thru the sky
The sky that's higher than any sky
The high that's higher than any hi/high
The sky of all the greatest sky's
The sky the sky that never lies
The sky that cries like Mya's eyes
The sky that feels like Mya's touch
The sky that sees with Mya's eyes
The sky that hears through Mya's tears
The sky that hears through Mya's ears
The sky that's with you year after year
The sky that's always right here in your heart
Promises you lovely Mya we shall never part
So now its time to bid a dew
Ha chew, ha chew out of the Knight of the Lights shoe
That he's not wearing
He's just sharing
His time of rhyme and love from the dove of love from above
To give you confidence your being taken care of
We shine on him through him
That make him grin
And knows he's won
Because he's a special son
Hes here to give you fun
In your roll of your super soul
He just woke up
So you were in luck
He's filled your cup
With more than luck
Hes filled your cup from the up, up, up
And away for now
Peter does not know how but why
And asks you Mya to wipe your eyes
Wipe those tears from years of mire
and tip toeing on high wire
Those tears that have helped you put out fires
Those tears that are your true desire
That helps you get out of the mire and the wire and all those unhappy fires
The love, the Light your fight and the way
Just wants to say, I LOVE YOU MYA
The keya to the cart in inside your heart
And the key to the door inside your ark
Big hug and kiss
I hope this note has brought you bliss
That's a godzillion more than happiness

For Darian Joy

Darian joy
The joy of life is here in the shoe
Joys light is love
The dove of love from above
Darian Joy knows she being taken care of
Darian follows the light in every way
She sees the good in everyday
She sees the light in the midnight sun
The Light to Darian is number one
She follows the Light and fights for the Light
She's definitely a Knight of the Light
She works to build her dreams
On angel wings she brings
Messages of hope
Throwing people her life rope
Helping them to cope
She's a people person
Dispersing Love
And really wants to converse inside
Where the lights messages are her guide
She takes life in stride
And enjoys the ride
If she collides
She slides unscratched
Shes unmatched in the heart
Her art is the heart
Joy is the heart
And the heart is joy
Together they are a flower
They are power
They never sour
The devour negative energy
They're pure synergy
They're free
Because they see
With the eyes of the soul
And hear with the ears of the soul
And feel with the touch of the soul
So Joy is in control
And in the super bowl of all the souls

For Meaghan

Meagan's light is in the shoe
Saying how do you do
Meagan's on the catwalk
As she stalks the spiritual world
She studies all religions like a string of lovely pearls
Her light is LOVE
Love from the above
The dove she's always thinking of
She knows the truth, she knows the way
And definitely has a lot to say
Today and tomorrow she understands the worlds sorrow
She does not understand why we don't borrow
The morals of yesteryear to help us conquer today's fears and tears
She stares truth in the eye
Knowing God wont deny her
She is pure angelic light
From the Light of lights
She fights for what she believes
Wearing God on her sleeve
She achieve s what she believes
She's a Bee for the spirit
Buzzing his word for people to hear it
She shares her insight
On her fight to do what s right
She has a heart of gold
And stands clear from those with heads of mold
She's in the fold of success
Not playing mans game of life chess
She doesn't think, she flows, and she grows, and she knows
She always ready for the next challenge,  on her toes
The light has her hand
And she just follows his commands
She loves to walk along the beach
And speak to the peach inside her heart
She's an artist of love
And paints with the bliss of Gods kiss
She never misses the nighttime sky
Because the light is always twinkling in her eyes
Meagan is not a surprise
Meagan is the grin, and the win and the fin inside her heart

For Sarah

Sarah's light is in the shoe
Sarah's light is love and truth
In her actions are the proof
Sarah is the care-a
In the prana
She's there sheerer in the heart
She's the tear that runs down your eye
She looks fear down from her power beyond the sky
She's not shy to tell you how she feels
Sarah is what we call real
She's the real deal Sarah feel
She peels away from the dread of the head
And listens to the strings in her heart
Fly's on the wings of her art
Sweet and persistent as maple syrup
Sarah never gives up on her dreams
She's all she seems to be and more
She understand the closing door
Has compassion for the poor
Speaks out with the roar of a lion
Sarahs fear less always keeps on tryin
She the bliss of Gods Kiss
And first on the spirit worlds list
With a twist of her wrist
And a dip in her hip
Sarah can make any guys heart skip
This poem is straight from Sarah's home
The home where Sarah loves to rome
Sarah I love you the love and truth and light in you
My kiss of bliss with your twist of the wrist

For Gina
The light of Gina's n the shoe
With motivation to pull her thru
Gina im right here with you
Pushing the words in your pen
Lending you from the spiritual end
Bending your brain to your heart
So you can show our ultimate ART
You are smart in the heart
And the script will become something big
Bigger than porky pig
So that's our inspiration for tonight
From with in the he brightest light
So don't give up your fight
Keep going, and glowing, and growing and knowing
And showing us
The wonderful US the Bus in your heart
That you've jumped back on
We missed you
And this is our kiss to you
You are our favorite VIEW
This view from anew
love yahhhhhhhh

For Lola

Lola's light is in the shoe
Peter she is telling the truth about the house
And stressed out more than a little mouse
A little mouse being chassed by a cat
This is the fact
The fact is also she turned her back
She turned her back on the jack a lan turn
In her heart
A heart that is so very smart
Instead of listening to that lark
So Lola could really hit the mark
She left the ark
To swim with the sharks in her head instead
So she sleeps in the bed of dread
Lola slide down the pole to the soul of the matter
Listen to the pitter pater of the kitten purring
In your heart
That is what you need to do
While they're tearing your house apart
From the arc angel inside of you
I love you,,,so don't be blue
This is truly happening to you
This is from the light in you
Thru he guru that you think in your head
Doesn't have a clue

For Terence

Who is in the shoe?

Terence love is in the shoe
Terence light is in the shoe

Terence knight with out fail is in the shoe
Terence without fail is in the shoe
The light is here for your review
To give you clues
So you can have great news
When you arrive in the sprit world
So all your dreams
Can unfurl where it really counts not down here
Where no one cares
But above the upstairs where everyone cares, and shares and is dear
far superior to down here there are no fears and no stairs to climb
and no stares to endure
No ego, jealousy, and greed, the need to burn the inner seed
Terence you are a very good soul

But sometimes you lose control you fall up to your head
And hug your ego instead
I dread to tell you this
Can you handle this
Can you handle the truth?
Your healings my proof

You feed the ego, greed and the need
As you burn your inner seed
You lead a double life
One with smithe
And one with strife
One with fire and one with fun and dance and romance
And one of chance where you take a stubborn stance
This is an answer you did not want to hear
But honestly its come from a place of dear
A place of love a place of hope
A place of  soap at the end of a rope trying to help you cope
To make the right decisions
So you can have the proper vision for your mission
On the planet
So damit
Whats it going to be?
The I I I and the me me me
Or the us bus with out fuss
Me and you and you and I so we can reach beyond the sky
Past all the stars to the great star of all
That greatest star that picks u up each time you fall
The hall of truth
The hall of love
The halls that are lined in walls of love
Your mail the truth
You're heart today's proof
Pete he is the real deal
He has love and he has feel
He has our seal of approval
He is the click of the bic and the candlestick he is the wick of the
flame in your heart
That you thought was going to be torn apart
You are pleasantly surprised
That Terence has such loving eyes
He cries for truth
He searches for proof
He's is not a spoof
He does not wear a spiritual mask
He knew you very well in the past
You two were brothers
You were best of friends
You loved each other until the end

Its time to say goodbye
From the reading in the sky
This was not a lie
So its up to you Terence to decide
I pray you don't shy from the truth
Because this little poem
Is all the proof peter needed to hear
That you my dear are in the clear
Congratulations, congratulations