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The Knight of The Light

The Knight of The Light


The Procedure for Healings

What is Prana/Pranic Breathing/Healing Breath?
 It is an ancient no-touch system that uses the activated energy chakras in the human palm, known as chi in acupuncture, ruah or breath of life in the Old Testament, to self-repair the body.

 How? By revitalizing the life force in the affected being or body part through its aura or electromagnetic field.  The knight is re-energized while healing others.
 The vocation of spiritual healing is a special gift that cannot be taught or learned. 

 The secret of spiritual healing lies in the individual letting go when confronted with the all/pervading healing power.  It is letting go, letting go of the fear, the ego, the jealousy, and the greed of the brain.

 The knight of the Light's experience thus far is that the greater the faith of the person he is working on, the greater the success of the spiritual experience weather it be clearing, healing, or channeling.  The knight gets the information, no matter what, from the light; so even if the individual he is working on doesn't believe in God, the Light in that person will tell this to the Knight.  In doing so, hopefully, the person the knight is working on will wake up and smell the coffee in his heart, waking that heart up to find faith.  

"This is the Light in your heart asking you, begging you, what do you have to do more important in life than talking to me, the Light in you?  The SMITHE in your heart is being torn apart when your actions speak volumes, louder than your words; they are heard right here in the Light in your  heart.  All that matters to me in your heart are your actions; your actions are my attraction, not your words.  Words to me are seen, not heard.  So if you want to be a part of the heard/herd in your heart, keep the faith and listen in to your heart.  And that faith will win you an optimal experience.”  

The knight of the Light does hot have words to express his gratitude to the Light for his amazing gifts that the Light has graced him with,  Therefore, he does not want to deny anyone his help because a lack of money. If you have no money, he will still gladly share his gift, but if you can afford it, then he would appreciate a donation for his time.  You decide the amount of your contribution based on your experience and your personal financial situation.  
What to Expect
You will hear very deep, long breaths, called Prana breathing.  Prana is is the divine breath, the life force; it is more important than food or water.  Everything is energy.  This is the divine life energy.  When there is a problem in the body, from a muscle or nerve injury to cancer, the problem is a block in energy.  Prana can break through the block in the energy, dissolving the block.  It dissolves the bad energy and takes it away.  Once I take all the bad energy out, then I fill that area with Prana, the divine energy, the life force that will keep working even after the healing has been done.  The greater the problem, the more healings it will take until the problem is completely healed.  From what I understand, everyone who I work on, if they have faith, can be healed.  The faith comes in from the feeling that you will feel as the prana energy pulls the negative energy out and puts the positive healing energy back in.  You will feel that energy.  Here's where the faith comes in.  Is that energy you're feeling really coming from the Light within you?  From the Light within your heart?  Or is that energy coming from your subconscious?  You conclude with your brain, basically, that that flame, that warmth that you feel was really coming from the brain, not the heart.  If you have lots of doubt, fear, and disbelief or a real problem with letting go, there is a good chance you
won't experience anything.  The Knight will ask the Light why he or she is being blocked, and the Light will tell him why, and he will tell you. If you choose to believe negative thoughts, that's your reedom of choice, your free thought, and the experience will be blocked.  Or you may conclude that miracles can happen.  And if the Light knows you have faith in your heart, and he does know, then you will feel his energy flow, so the choice is yours.  Feel the pure; feel the cure.
I was asked what I do when I heal ... I do 3 things:
1. Palm open--The first hand is the clearning, mos
2. The fingers go deep deep deep into the core
3. Tunnel with fist--goes to the root of the problem.
Is there anything else I have to do?
I bless the area that I am working on by placing a hand in praying position over third eye and say thank you light for clearing this spot.
If you would like more explanation on the concept of letting go, read below.  There you will see a very funny story of the day the knight of the light finally understood the concept and idea behind letting go.  You must realize that the Light in you that speaks through to the Knight is asking you, begging you to listen in, listen in, listen in to the message that is coming from your heart, which is the light in your heart.  What do you have to do more important in life than talking to the Light in you.


February 8, 2007

February 1, 2007