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The Knight of The Light

The Knight of The Light


Other Books Channeled By The Knight Of the LIGHT


Here are a few sample pages from each of the listed books if you are interested in the entire book please contact the knight


There are many books more, we will be posted soon


The blurbs for each book, were written by Jacob Clifton writer/reviewer from Austin writes for



The Kite Boy is a beautiful and simple story about the ingredients and measures of success: inspiration, determination, and -- perhaps most rare -- the ability to accept help when it is offered. With childlike sophistication and a truly great heart, Paul has managed to re-tell a story at once as old as humanity and as new as the gleam in a hopeful young eye: the story of a dream fulfilled. It's an insightful and loving fable that teaches with love and without condescension.




The colorful cast of characters -- both human and animal -- in The Whiskers Of Wise impart necessary lessons in a fun and accessible way. The playful verse, reminiscent of the most enduring children's literature, makes for an enjoyable read-aloud experience. The intensity of emotion in these pages will only be matched by that specific kind of love and care that a child brings to her favorite stories; it's a story that gives back, with new facets revealing themselves upon every re-read.


The following blurbs were written by Jacob Clifton writer/reviewer  from Austin writes for



The Knight Of The Light is at once a handbook for spiritual strength, a collection of powerful imagist verse, and the intimate story of one man's reconnection with his spirituality and self-belief. From the depths of doubt to the heights of personal freedom, these poem-stories have a chanting, primitive power that is both friendly and demanding. Pedagogical without being pedantic, Knight Of The Light accomplishes what all tales of adversity attempt: the retrieval and translation for the public that gold which is only found at the bottom of an individual's darkest moments.